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Do you need help with or have questions about your camera, editing your photos, etc.? Get help with your new (or old) camera and learn about settings and get tips to improve your skills. Find out about post-processing (digital editing) tools and how to use them (i.e. Lightroom, Photoshop and several other programs).  If you are interested or have questions, email: mentor@thewoodlandscameraclub.org

​​​​​​​Other Photography Clubs in Our Area
*The Woodlands Photography Club -

​      thewoodlandsphotographyclub.com 
*The Kingwood Photo Club - http://www.kwphotoclub.com/

​*Houston Innerloop Photo Club  - http://hipclub.org/


​Photography Shops in Our Area

Precision Camera & Video

Humble Camera Center
Houston Camera Exchange
Photo Rental Source of Houston

Professional Camera Repair - In Houston on  Richmond Ave

How to Shoot Fireworks
How to Photograph Fireworks - From B&H Website
Kathy Adams Clark - Firework Tips​

​​​Camera Club Meetings
What Did I Miss?
- Links to Speaker's Websites

March 2024

Jeff Parker "Wildlife in Focus Competition"

March 2024
David Downs "Exploring the Artist Within"


Jai Shet "Astrophotgraphy"

January 2024

Jurgen Lobert "Night Photography"

December 2023

Kathy Adams Clark

Creativity in Photography

November 2023

Hector Astorga-Becoming a Better Wildlife Photographer

October 2023

Ken Frederick "Photography Firsts"

September 2023

Angie McMonigal "Architectural Abstracts"

August 2023

Erich Schleigel "Under the Surface" 

July 2023

Jurgen Lobert "Daytime Long Exposure"

June 2023

Karren Warren "Sports Photography"

May 2023

Joseph Michael Lopez "Photographic Lighting"

May 2023

Dan Davis "Wildlife and Landscape Photography"

April 2023

Jai Shet "Macro Photography"

March 2023

Jai Shet "Travel PHotography"

March 2023

Rick Hulbert, "The Power and Benefits of a Creative Image Series"

February 2023

Kevin Hong, "Aerial Photography"

January 2023

JP Stones, "Storytelling"

December 2022

Kathy Adams Clark, "Traveling Today --Options, Pickpockets, Crowds, and Covid"

November 2022

Ted Washington, "From Film to Digital in The Woodlands"

October 2022

Silvana Della Camera, "Essentials of Timelapse Photography"

October 2022

Jason Fochtman, "Photojournalism"

September 2022

Mike Mezeul, "Storm Photography"

August 2022

Steve Trunipseed, "Portrait Photography"

August 2022

Robert Seale, "Sports Portraiture"

June 2022 - Kevin Gourley

     What Makes Good Wildlife Photographer handout

June 2022

Jason Odell, "Creative Techniques for the Traveling Photographer"

May 2022

Mike Adams, "Curating a Photo Exhibit"

April 2022

Jay Cohen, "The Process of Creating Fine Art Architectural Images"

March 2022

Earl Nottingham, "Wild Focus - 25 Years of Texas Parks & Wildlife Photography"

February 2022

Sean Fitzgerald, "Photographing Texas Praries"

February 2022

Dave Clements "So You Want to Shoot the Super Bowl"

January 2022

Andy Mumford, "Finding Balance and Harmony in Nature Photography"

January 2022

Reed Hoffman, "Adventures in Wildlife Photography: from the Arctic to Antarctica"