​​Camera Club Meetings
What Did I miss?
- Links to Speaker's Websites

*March 2020-Larry McKee 

*Feb. 2020-Nathaniel Smalley 

*Jan. 2020-Cindy Hayley –  Photographing Newborns

*December 2019-Kathy Adams Clark

*November 2019-Jeff Parker

*October 2019-J.T. Thomas - JTPhotographics

*August 2019-Earlie Hudnall Jr. – "Art is Life" 

*July 2019-Mike Schaffner – “Seeing” in Black-and-White

*April 2019-Kevin Gourley – “Photography in the Rockies!”

*March 2019-Mike Mezeul –  Hawaiian Volcano 

*February 2019-​Jamie &Heather Schneider-Black & White           Wedding Photography https://www.folkportraits.com/

*January 2019-Dave Clements-Photographing at the                    RODEO! http://dwcphotography.com/

*December 2018-Kathy Adams Clark

*November 2018-Ted Washington-Photography yesterday,         today and tomorrow. 

*October 2018-Jason Weingart – “Storm Photography” 

*August 2018-Mark Burns

     National Parks Photography Project

*July 2018-Dennis Kelley

     Photography Reveals Humanity in the Homeless

*June 2018-Kathy Adams Clark

     iPhone Photography(handout)


*May 2018- Rick Hulbert-Photographing the Great Indoors       vs. the Great Outdoors

     Mike Hagen–Proven Techniques for Wildlife                            Photography

*March 2018-Hector Astorga "Making Better Nature

*February 2018-Lana Kelley-"Flash White Balance and                Ambient Light" https://wwlw.everydayphotoclass.com/

*​​December  2017-Kathy Adams Clark - "Travel Photography"


     Travel and Photography Articles


*​​November 2017-Dick Miller – “Astro Photography”


*October 2017-Dave Clements – “Publishing a Book”


*August 2017-Ellen Barron O’Reilly-“Art Through a Lens” 


*June 2017 - John Guild – “Aerial Drone Photography”


​*May 2017 - Kathy Adams Clark-"Photography-Crystal Ball"


*Mar. 2017  - Lana Kelly - “Black-and-White Photography”


*Feb. 2017 - Becky Anderson - "Body of Work"


     Body of Work Slide Presentation

*Dec. 2016 - Kathy Adams Clark -

*Nov. 2016 - Dr. Laszio Perlaky– “B&W Photography” -

*Oct. 2016 - Matt Hyner – “Weather is for the Birds!”

*Aug. 2016 - Amanda Schilling Fine Art Phtotography-
     Slide Presentation with Links

*June 2016 - Denton Florian

*May 2016 - Kathy Adams Clark
*April 2016 - Mike Hagen-
      and Rick Hulbert-
*March 2016 - Mauricio Ramirez – Industrial photographer
*February 2016 - Tadd Myers - The American Craftsman
*January 2016 - Lou Vest "Houston-America's Port"



​​​​​​​Other Photography Clubs in Our Area
*The Woodlands Photography Club -

​      thewoodlandsphotographyclub.com 
*The Kingwood Photo Club - http://www.kwphotoclub.com/
*Photo Source-A link to all photo clubs in the Houston Area

​*Houston Innerloop Photo Club  - http://hipclub.org/
*Photography Clubs Outside Our Area
     Capture San Antonio Photography -  A meetup group- As a resource for our members traveling to/through San Antonio.


​Photography Shops in Our Area

Humble Camera Center
Houston Camera Exchange
Photo Rental Source of Houston

Professional Camera Repair - In Houston on  Richmond Ave


​Online Photography Resources

Adobe Learn

Adobe Photoshop Tutorials! Free!

Adobe Lightroom Classic CC Tutorials! A few are Free!

Adobe Lightroom CC Tutorials! Free!
Creative Live
Digital Camera World
Digital Photography School

Lana Kelley - EverydayPhotoclass.com

Photoshop Training Channel
Tim Grey - Ask Tim Grey


Helpful Links

Comparison Chart Organizes Cameras by Price and Resolution

How to Shoot Fireworks
How to Photograph Fireworks - From B&H Website
Kathy Adams Clark - Firework Tips​

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​Regional Events Calendar for
Photography Events & Destinations
Welcome to our new Regional Events Calendar created by Vince Schwantes. This is a general events calendar focusing on photography events happening throughout the year organized by month and and provides descriptions and links for website information.

Click Here for Photography Events & Destinations

If you know of any events not listed or have more ideas to add to the calendar, please email your information to areaevents@thewoodlandscameraclub.org

 Photography Resources 

​​​The Woodlands Camera Club

​​​​​​​​​​The Woodlands Camera Club Mentors 

Do you need help with or have questions about your camera, editing your photos, etc.? Get help with your new (or old) camera and learn about settings and get tips to improve your skills. Find out about post-processing (digital editing) tools and how to use them (i.e. Lightroom, Photoshop and several other programs).

These folks would be very happy to help you. 
Click Here for the List of Mentors and Their Specialty Areas​​

Note: If you would like to sign up to become a mentor, please send an e-mail to mentor@thewoodlandscameraclub.org with your name, e-mail address, and topic(s) you would like to mentor other members on.