About The Woodlands Camera Club​

We established The Woodlands Camera Club in 2006 to address the needs of amateur photographers from our area who simply wanted to take better pictures. To our pleasant surprise, the club has attracted photographers of every level. While it is still our main purpose to serve the less experienced "picture-takers", a significant number of very advanced amateurs are also heavily involved with the club.

The meetings consist of a very short "business" session, a 30- to 45-minute presentation by a guest speaker, and conclude with a "Share & Learn” session during which club members share their photographs and interests with others. The meetings are intended as an entertaining learning experience. We have no competitive photo contests.

We also have four Special Interest Groups (SIGs) which address learning your camera equipment, using your camera, composition, and post processing on the computer. Those groups, plus field trips and workshops, are all designed to help club members become great friends through the sharing of a common interest!

​​​The Woodlands Camera Club

April 3, 2006

Inaugural Meeting of

The Woodlands Camera Club

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Camera Club President - Jean Drummond
info@thewoodlandscameraclub.org or cameraclub@twumc.org 

Camera Club Vice President, Special Projects - Pete Poulsen

Phone: 281-292-1568
info@thewoodlandscameraclub.org or cameraclub@twumc.org

Volunteer Advisory Team
Jean Drummond, President-​
Pete Poulsen, Vice-President- 
Shirley Voelker, Webmaster-

Heinz Vahlbruch, Newsletter -Newsletter@TheWoodlandsCameraClub.org
Linda Henderson, Accounting and Membership-

Bob Gower, Membership/Financial Assistant-Finance@theWoodlandsCameraClub.org

Judy Schilling, Membership/Financial Assistant (back-up)

Carolyn Townley, PowerPoint (Shoot&Share) Editor-photos@thewoodlandscameraclub.org

Jim Patton, PowerPoint (Shoot&Share) -photos@thewoodlandscameraclub.org
Anita Wren, Correspondence/Directory Photographer

Marty Saikowski, Welcome/Refreshment Tables Coordinator

Georganna Smith, Welcome/Refreshment Tables Coordinator
Elaine Poulsen, Camera Club Shirts

Andy Howard, Mentor Coordinator Mentor@TheWoodlandsCameraClub.org

Vance Schwantes, Area Photo Events Calendar                                                                           AreaEvents@TheWoodlandsCameraClub.org

Mac Rodgers-Directory coordinator

Lisa Griffis, Picnic Coordinator

Regan Chambers, Craft Circle Photoshoot

​Jim & Betty Patton, Photo Exhibit

​​Special Interest Groups
Composition-Fine Art of Seeing SIG

Email Address: compositionSIG@thewoodlandscameraclub.org

Becky Anderson
Mike Schaffner 

Carlos Hernandez

Joan Tilton

Processing Your Photos (Post-Processing) SIG

Email Address: ppsig@thewoodlandscameraclub.org

Don Rueter
Mac Rodgers

Pete Poulsen (back-up)

Learning to Shoot SIG

Bill Park - shootingSIG@thewoodlandscameraclub.org

​Critiquing Your Photos SIG

Email Address: CritiqueSIG@TheWoodlandsCameraClub.org

​Mike Schaffner

Becky Anderson

Lisa Griffis 

Richard Houghton

Mac Rodgers

Carlos Hernandez

Activities (Field Trips and Workshops)

Email Address:

Richard Chesney

Kathy Oliver

Gerri Francis

Monday Night Set-up/Tear-down

​Set-up Coordinators
Email Address:

Tom Tilton- Team Coordinator

Bob Beaird 
Jack Patton

David Taylor

​​Van Drivers
Email Address:

Ron Walton

Joel Kiker

Don Peterson

Richard Chesney

Bob Gower

Tom Boronow

David Taylor

Jeff Smith

Ricardo Cortes

​Carl Walker

Monday Night Set-up/Tear-down

​Email address: Setup@TheWoodlandsCameraClub.org

​Tom Tilton 

Jack Patton

David Taylor

Carl Walker

Carlos Hernandez

Bob Beaird

Marc Pritchard 

Volunteer Photographer Team

Email address: volunteer@thewoodlandscameraclub.org
Team Leads:
Joel Kiker
Jim Williams
Courtney Murray
Pete Poulsen


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​​​January 2018 Minutes -Annual Advisory Board Meeting of Camera Club Volunteers